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About Us:

Founded in 1989, Right Choice Electric Inc. has become one of the most trusted electrical contractors in San Diego. Right Choice Electric is a family owned and  operated San Diego based electrical contracting business. Our expertise in electrical field includes but not limited to a  36years of knowledge in residential, custom homes, condominium, post tension slab conduit work, multifamily apartments, commercial and partially industrial work.   Also, a section of our practice covers diagnostic test and troubleshooting.                           

We are committed to our environment and support the use of energy efficient light bulbs and product. Member of San Diego North Chamber Of Commerce and volunteer for annual street fair for past ten years.

Questions to ask before hiring a contractor

Is the contractor you are hiring a licensed contractors?

  • All of a contractor's advertisement, bids, and contracts should list the classification (C-10 for Electrical) and license number.
  • The status of a contractor's license can be checked at the California State Licensing Board at:  www.cslb.ca.gov  by entering the six-digits license number or contractor's name.          

Is the contractor insured?

  • By law contractors must carry worker's compensation insurance for their employees. If the contractor does not have worker's comp. and his or her employee is injured on your property, you are liable for medical expenses and income required to support a disable worker.
  • Commercial General Liability is another type of insurance that although not mandated, all reputable contractors will carry.
  • If your contractor uses subcontractor, does he/she make sure that all of subs are licensed, insured and that they will provide quality work? Again, you put yourself at risk as a homeowner if any subcontractor or his/her employee are not appropriately insured.

Did you check your contractor's references?

Does the contractor's bid clearly state what is or is not included?

Does he/she provide a warranty?

Does the contractor service the equipment and fixtures he/she installed?

For more information regarding hiring  contractors or to report any violations, contact:
California State Licensing Board at:
(800) 321-2752
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